OAR 635-098-0060
Advisory Committee Duties and Recommendation Procedures

(1) In accordance with HB 2829 (2019), the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Advisory Committee:
(a) Shall review department policies regarding the use of Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund moneys.
(b) Shall make recommendations to the commission and the department regarding the use of fund moneys. Pursuant to HB 2829 (2019), the advisory committee shall identify uses for which the department may expend fund moneys.
(c) Shall work jointly with the department to submit a biennial report to the Legislative Assembly as provided in ORS 293.640 (Period covered by biennial reports) regarding the expenditure of moneys deposited in the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund and on the status of various activities funded by the moneys.
(d) May perform such other duties as may be requested by the department and commission.
(2) The advisory committee shall establish a process for requesting proposals for Conservation and Recreation Fund projects from the department and other interested parties.
(3) The department and any other interested parties may recommend projects to the advisory committee that follow permissible purposes outlined in [HB 2829 Section 1(2)(a-e)].
(4) The advisory committee shall review all submitted projects and shall recommend expenditures to the commission. The advisory committee will be responsible for determining whether the projects propose activities that serve to protect, maintain, or enhance fish and wildlife resources in Oregon.
(5) Interested parties must submit proposed projects to the advisory committee not less than 60 days prior to a scheduled meeting.
(6) All proposed funding projects that are or are not recommended by the advisory committee shall be presented in summary to the commission.
(7) A project for which recommendation for funding is not supported by the advisory committee may be reconsidered by the committee at a later meeting if the proponent has resolved the objections or deficiencies with a revised proposal. The reason(s) for the advisory committee’s vote to not recommend a project shall be explained or reviewed for the proponent at the meeting, or relayed to the proponent in writing after the meeting and be conveyed to the commission upon making recommendations.

Source: Rule 635-098-0060 — Advisory Committee Duties and Recommendation Procedures, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=635-098-0060.

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