Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Rule Rule 635-425-0025
Compliance with Statewide Planning Goals and Compatibility with Acknowledged Comprehensive Plans


Pursuant to the Department’s State Agency Coordination Program, OAR 635 division 405, the applicant must provide information documenting the project’s compliance with the Statewide Planning Goals and compatibility with the applicable acknowledged comprehensive plan(s) and land use regulations. Such documentation must include one of the following:


Information affirming that the project has received specific land use approval from the affected city or county;


Information demonstrating that the project does not require specific land use approval by the jurisdiction; or


Findings or information to assure compliance with the statewide planning goals in accordance with OAR 635-405-0020 (Compliance with the Statewide Planning Goals)(1)–(3).


If more than one unit of local government has land use approval authority over the site of the proposed project, the applicant must submit documentation in the manner described in section (1) of this rule demonstrating land use compatibility with each of the affected jurisdictions’ comprehensive plans.


The meaning of the land use terms used in this division are the same as those contained in OAR 635-405-0005 (Definitions).

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Jun. 8, 2021