OAR 635-440-0001

For the purposes of administrative rules found in Division 440 the following definitions apply:


“Economic Harm” means the reduction, unrelated to environmental and market variability or personal circumstances, in the annual income of an individual who holds a vessel permit issued pursuant to ORS 508.775 (Vessel permit required to engage in fishery) to ORS 508.796 (Review of permit denial) from fishing under the permit that is due to Columbia River fish management and reform adopted by rule of the commission.


“Fund” means the Columbia River Fisheries Transition Fund.


“County Program” means an established Columbia River fisheries transition program by an Oregon county.


“Permit” means a Columbia River vessel permit as defined in ORS 508.775 (Vessel permit required to engage in fishery) to 508.796 (Review of permit denial)


“Eligible Applicants” means county governments that have established an advisory committee and otherwise met the requirements listed in OAR 635-440-0010 (Standards to Determine Grant Award Eligibility) and are prepared to assess applications from persons who apply for Columbia River Fisheries Transition funds from the county.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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