OAR 635-440-0010
Standards to Determine Grant Award Eligibility


The Department may approve a county program that meets the stated purpose of this rule and contains the elements specified in this section.


Grants are subject to available funding in the Columbia River Transition Fund. A county may qualify for funds if a county has a program that meets the following requirements:


A county must establish a county advisory committee to oversee the county program.


Advisory committee membership shall include at a minimum:


One county commissioner;


Two members who own or manage a permit or who have expertise related to commercial fisheries; and


Two members who are not employed in the commercial fishing industry and who represent the public interest in the equitable administration of public funds.


A county must establish a procedure by which permit owners who have experienced economic harm shall be given funds received under the county program.


A county program must require that an advisory committee must establish compensation rates for economic harm that are based on fair market value.


A county program must establish eligibility requirements for compensation that ensures, that the person did experience legitimate economic harm.


The county will be reimbursed an amount of money, approved by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, to cover the allowable expenditures necessary to implement the county program during the calendar year. Allowable expenditures are:


Establishing a county advisory committee.


Establishing a procedure by which persons applying for compensation will provide sufficient evidence of economic harm.


Establishing a procedure by which persons applying for financial assistance for economic hardship provide an estimate of the potential cost.


Distributing grant program funds.


Preparation of an annual report to the Department.

Source: Rule 635-440-0010 — Standards to Determine Grant Award Eligibility, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=635-440-0010.

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