OAR 660-023-0050
Programs to Achieve Goal 5


For each resource site, local governments shall adopt comprehensive plan provisions and land use regulations to implement the decisions made pursuant to OAR 660-023-0040 (ESEE Decision Process)(5). The plan shall describe the degree of protection intended for each significant resource site. The plan and implementing ordinances shall clearly identify those conflicting uses that are allowed and the specific standards or limitations that apply to the allowed uses. A program to achieve Goal 5 may include zoning measures that partially or fully allow conflicting uses (see OAR 660-023-0040 (ESEE Decision Process)(5)(b) and (c)).


When a local government has decided to protect a resource site under OAR 660-023-0040 (ESEE Decision Process)(5)(b), implementing measures applied to conflicting uses on the resource site and within its impact area shall contain clear and objective standards. For purposes of this division, a standard shall be considered clear and objective if it meets any one of the following criteria:


It is a fixed numerical standard, such as a height limitation of 35 feet or a setback of 50 feet;


It is a nondiscretionary requirement, such as a requirement that grading not occur beneath the dripline of a protected tree; or


It is a performance standard that describes the outcome to be achieved by the design, siting, construction, or operation of the conflicting use, and specifies the objective criteria to be used in evaluating outcome or performance. Different performance standards may be needed for different resource sites. If performance standards are adopted, the local government shall at the same time adopt a process for their application (such as a conditional use, or design review ordinance provision).


In addition to the clear and objective regulations required by section (2) of this rule, except for aggregate resources, local governments may adopt an alternative approval process that includes land use regulations that are not clear and objective (such as a planned unit development ordinance with discretionary performance standards), provided such regulations:


Specify that landowners have the choice of proceeding under either the clear and objective approval process or the alternative regulations; and


Require a level of protection for the resource that meets or exceeds the intended level determined under OAR 660-023-0040 (ESEE Decision Process)(5) and 660-023-0050 (Programs to Achieve Goal 5)(1).

Source: Rule 660-023-0050 — Programs to Achieve Goal 5, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=660-023-0050.

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