OAR 660-023-0250


This division replaces OAR 660, division 16, except with regard to cultural resources, and certain PAPAs and periodic review work tasks described in sections (2) and (4) of this rule. Local governments shall follow the procedures and requirements of this division or OAR 660, division 16, whichever is applicable, in the adoption or amendment of all plan or land use regulations pertaining to Goal 5 resources. The requirements of Goal 5 do not apply to land use decisions made pursuant to acknowledged comprehensive plans and land use regulations.


The requirements of this division are applicable to PAPAs initiated on or after September 1, 1996. OAR 660, division 16 applies to PAPAs initiated prior to September 1, 1996. For purposes of this section “initiated” means that the local government has deemed the PAPA application to be complete.


Local governments are not required to apply Goal 5 in consideration of a PAPA unless the PAPA affects a Goal 5 resource. For purposes of this section, a PAPA would affect a Goal 5 resource only if:


The PAPA creates or amends a resource list or a portion of an acknowledged plan or land use regulation adopted in order to protect a significant Goal 5 resource or to address specific requirements of Goal 5;


The PAPA allows new uses that could be conflicting uses with a particular significant Goal 5 resource site on an acknowledged resource list; or


The PAPA amends an acknowledged UGB and factual information is submitted demonstrating that a resource site, or the impact areas of such a site, is included in the amended UGB area.


Consideration of a PAPA regarding a specific resource site, or regarding a specific provision of a Goal 5 implementing measure, does not require a local government to revise acknowledged inventories or other implementing measures, for the resource site or for other Goal 5 sites, that are not affected by the PAPA, regardless of whether such inventories or provisions were acknowledged under this rule or under OAR 660, division 16.


Local governments are required to amend acknowledged plan or land use regulations at periodic review to address Goal 5 and the requirements of this division only if one or more of the following conditions apply, unless exempted by the director under section (7) of this rule:


The plan was acknowledged to comply with Goal 5 prior to the applicability of OAR 660, division 16, and has not subsequently been amended in order to comply with that division;


The jurisdiction includes riparian corridors, wetlands, or wildlife habitat as provided under OAR 660-023-0090 (Riparian Corridors) through 660-023-0110 (Wildlife Habitat), or aggregate resources as provided under OAR 660-023-0180 (Mineral and Aggregate Resources); or


New information is submitted at the time of periodic review concerning resource sites not addressed by the plan at the time of acknowledgement or in previous periodic reviews, except for historic, open space, or scenic resources.


If a local government undertakes a Goal 5 periodic review task that concerns specific resource sites or specific Goal 5 plan or implementing measures, this action shall not by itself require a local government to conduct a new inventory of the affected Goal 5 resource category, or revise acknowledged plans or implementing measures for resource categories or sites that are not affected by the work task.


The director may exempt a local government from a work task for a resource category required under section (5) of this rule. The director shall consider the following factors in this decision:


Whether the plan and implementing ordinances for the resource category substantially comply with the requirements of this division; and


The resources of the local government or state agencies available for periodic review, as set forth in ORS 197.633 (Two phases of periodic review)(3)(g).


Local governments shall apply the requirements of this division to work tasks in periodic review work programs approved or amended under ORS 197.633 (Two phases of periodic review)(3)(g) after September 1, 1996. Local governments shall apply OAR 660, division 16, to work tasks in periodic review work programs approved before September 1, 1996, unless the local government chooses to apply this division to one or more resource categories, and provided:


The same division is applied to all work tasks concerning any particular resource category;


All the participating local governments agree to apply this division for work tasks under the jurisdiction of more than one local government; and


The local government provides written notice to the department. If application of this division will extend the time necessary to complete a work task, the director or the commission may consider extending the time for completing the work task as provided in OAR 660-025-0170 (Modification of an Approved Work Program, Extensions, and Sanctions for Failure to Meet Deadlines).
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