Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-005-0020


Land use and water management are integrally related. Statewide planning goals require comprehensive plans to include inventories of, and mechanisms to protect, important local water resources. State water laws require the Commission to protect the public interest in all waters of the state. Recognizing the responsibilities vested in both state and local government to manage and protect water resources, the Commission places a high priority on complying with statewide planning goals and achieving compatibility with local comprehensive plans.


In any action pursuant to a program identified in OAR 690-005-0025 (Applicability), the Commission and Department shall comply with the goals and be compatible with local comprehensive plans to the greatest extent possible, as required by and consistent with the full range of statutes governing land use and water management and as set forth in OAR 690-005-0030 (Compliance with Statewide Planning Goals) (Compliance with Statewide Planning Goals) and 690-005-0035 (Compatibility with Acknowledged Comprehensive Plans) (Compatibility with Acknowledged Comprehensive Plans).

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Jun. 8, 2021