Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-005-0055
Land Use Program Coordination with State and Federal Agencies and Special Districts


The Department shall coordinate activities related to the programs identified in OAR 690-005-0025 (Applicability) with affected state and federal agencies and affected special districts by taking actions described in its Land Use Planning Procedures Guide.


Beginning July 1, 1991, the Director shall transmit a report each biennium to the Water Resources Commission and the Director of the Department of Land Conservation and Development which includes:


An assessment of the effectiveness of the Departments state agency coordination program during the preceding biennium;


Recommendations for changes in Water Resources Department or Department of Land Conservation and Development rules and procedures to improve coordination between agencies and local governments;


The status of any tasks identified for implementation in the certified state agency coordination program; or


Discussion of any other subject relating to water resource management and land use.
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