OAR 690-005-0025

The provisions of OAR 690-005-0010 (Purpose) through 690-005-0060 (Cooperation With and Technical Assistance to Local Governments) apply to actions taken by the Department pursuant to the following land use programs:


Applications and Permits (OAR 690, divisions 310–340).


Appropriation and Use of Water for Hydroelectric Power Projects (OAR 690, division 51).


Water Right Transfers (OAR 690, division 15) except for those:


Where existing and proposed water uses would be located entirely within lands zoned for exclusive farm use as provided in ORS 215.203 (Zoning ordinances establishing exclusive farm use zones) or within irrigation districts;


Which involve changes in place of use only;


Which do not involve the placement or modification of structures including but not limited to water diversion, impoundment, or distribution facilities, water wells, and well houses; and


Which involve irrigation water uses only.


Water Exchanges.


Applications for Uses in Addition to Classified Use (division 82).


Use of Conserved Water (division 18).


Instream Water Rights and Reservations of Water for Economic Development (OAR 690, division 77).


Review of Applications for Minimum Perennial Streamflows (OAR 690, division 76).


Initiation of Proceedings for Determination of a Critical Ground Water Area (OAR 690, division 10.


Withdrawal of Water from Further Appropriation.


Statewide Policy Formulation.


Basin Planning.


Payment for Public Benefits in Water Projects (OAR 690, division 100).


Water Development Loan Fund (OAR 690, division 90).


Scenic Waterway Coordination.


Any future Department program or activity which may reasonably be expected to significantly affect land use as prescribed by ORS 197.180 (State agency planning responsibilities), OAR chapter 660, divisions 30 and 31, and OAR 690, division 5.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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