Oregon Department of Transportation

Rule Rule 731-146-0030
Procurement Files


Application. This Rule applies to Procurement Files as defined in this section. “Procurement Files” means any of the following files maintained by ODOT: a solicitation, Contract, Price Agreement, work order contract, amendment or Contract Administration file, separately or collectively.


Procurement File documentation and level of detail should be directly related to the dollar value and risk of the procurement. Each Procurement File must contain:


An executed Contract, if awarded;


The record of the actions used to develop the Contract;


A copy of the Solicitation Document, if any;


Any required findings or statement of justification for the selection of the Contractor and sourcing method pursuant to ORS 279A.200 (Definitions for ORS 279A.200 to 279A.225) through 279A.220 (Interstate cooperative procurements) (Cooperative Procurement); 279B.055 (Competitive sealed bidding) through 279B.085 (Special procurements) (seven methods for Goods or Services); 279C.100 (Definitions for ORS 279C.100 to 279C.125) through 279C.125 (Architectural, engineering, photogrammetric mapping, transportation planning and land surveying services selection process for local public improvements procured through state agency) (Architectural, Engineering, Photogrammetric Mapping, Transportation Planning or Land Surveying and Related Services); or 279C.300 (Policy on competition) through 279C.450 (Appeal procedure for decision to deny, revoke or revise prequalification) (Public Improvements);


A list of prospective Contractors notified of any solicitation;


The method used to advertise or notify prospective Contractors of any solicitation;


Copy of each Offer that resulted in the Award of a Contract;


The method of evaluating Offers, the results of the evaluation, and basis of selection;


The record of any negotiation of the statement of work, costs, and results;


A record of any material communications regarding the solicitation by interested Contractors; and


A copy of the Request for Special Procurement, if any.


ODOT must maintain Procurement Files, including all documentation, for a period not less than six (6) years, except for ten (10) years beyond each Contract’s expiration date for Architectural, Engineering, Photogrammetric Mapping, Transportation Planning or Land Surveying Services and Related Services or for another period in accordance with another provision of law.

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