Oregon Department of Transportation

Rule Rule 731-146-0220
Emergency Procurement

Procedures. Regardless of the dollar value of the Contract, ODOT entering into an Emergency Contract must, either before or promptly after entering into an Emergency Contract, make and retain in its Procurement File documentation of the nature of the Emergency that includes:
(1) A brief description of the Supplies and Services to be provided under the Contract, together with its cost or anticipated cost;
(2) A brief explanation of how the Contract, in terms of duration and Services provided under it, was restricted to the Scope reasonably necessary to adequately deal only with the risk created or anticipated to be created by the Emergency circumstances;
(3) A description of the emergency circumstances that require the prompt performance of the Contract, stating the anticipated harm from failure to establish the Contract on an expedited basis; and
(4) Documentation of the measures taken, regardless of the dollar value of the Contract, to encourage competition that is reasonable and appropriate under the Emergency circumstances.

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