Oregon Department of Transportation

Rule Rule 731-146-0050
Contract Administration; General Provisions


“Contract Administration” means all functions related to a given Contract between ODOT and a Contractor from the time the Contract is awarded until the work is completed, accepted, and all payment has been made, or until the Contract is terminated, payment has been made, and disputes have been resolved.


Authority. Unless otherwise exempt by other provision of law, ODOT must conduct all procurements, including Contract Administration, for Goods or Services, including Architectural, Engineering, Photogrammetric Mapping, Transportation Planning or Land Surveying Services and Related Services, Public Works, and Public Improvements, pursuant to ORS 279A.050 (Procurement authority) and 279A.075 (Delegation).


Contract Administrator. ODOT must appoint, in Writing, a Contract Administrator as an ODOT representative for each Contract. The Contract Administrator may delegate in Writing a portion of the Contract Administrator’s responsibilities to a technical representative for specific day-to-day administrative activities for each Contract.


Documentation Requirements. Contract Administration documentation and level of detail should be directly related to the dollar value and risk of the procurement. In accordance with OAR 731-146-0030 (Procurement Files), documentation of Contract Administration is a part of the Procurement File, whether maintained with the Procurement file or at a separate location. Contract Administration documentation must include:


An executed Contract, if maintained separate from the Procurement File;


The record of the actions used to administer the Contract;


Contact information for the Contractor;


The name and contact information for the Contract Administrator and any technical representative delegates, together with a description of duties delegated to any technical representative;


All executed amendments;


Claims related to the Contract;


Release of claims documents; and


Copies of invoices, project status reports, receiving records and Contract close-out documents, as applicable.

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