OAR 734-055-0015
Permit Application Procedure


Application for a permit shall be made on the form described in OAR 734-055-0010 (Definition of Terms)(19) which may be obtained from the DM office. Applicant shall complete the application and furnish five copies of all necessary attachments. All permit attachments shall be 8 12 x 11 inches when possible.


Each permit application will be reviewed by the DM and a site review may be required by the DM.


To facilitate site review (if required by the DM), applicant shall place markers such as lath stakes, or other markings as required at the locations where the applicant proposes to work.


In reviewing permit applications, the DM may consider the following objectives:


Accommodation of utility facilities with no adverse affect on traffic safety, operation, maintenance and aesthetic quality of the highway system;


Incorporation of the appropriate industry code standards and AASHTO publications;


Placement of utility installations in locations where they shall be reasonable to construct and maintain;


Safe and unimpaired use of the highway;


Alternate routes of the utility facilities outside of highway right-of-way should be evaluated for the environmental and economic impact of any loss or impairment of productive agricultural land.


No permit is valid until a copy, approved by the Engineer, has been furnished applicant. No work on highway right-of-way or other Department property is to be started until applicant obtains a valid permit. However, a permit may provide that for a facility, customer service drops or laterals may be placed after notice has been provided to the DM.


An applicant to whom a permit has been issued may undertake emergency repairs upon verbal permission from the DM.


The permit may be presented by an agent, employee or contractor of applicant but it must be signed by applicant.


Applications that deviate from the prescribed rules and regulations must be accompanied by a Permit Variance Request.

Source: Rule 734-055-0015 — Permit Application Procedure, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=734-055-0015.

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