OAR 734-076-0005

Except as ordered by a peace officer, no person will engage in the towing of any vehicle or combination of vehicles that exceed the maximum size or weight provided by statute unless that person has obtained a special permit from the Commerce and Compliance Division, Over-Dimension Permit Unit of the Oregon Department of Transportation. The provisions of OAR 734-076-0005 (Scope) through 734-076-0185 (Hauling Hours and Days) authorize permits for combinations of vehicles including the tow vehicle that exceed size or weight limitations established by law or rule. These rules also provide a means of removing over-dimension and/or overweight disabled units from state highways, authorize recovery of the load transported by such vehicles and allow a replacement vehicle to be transported to the scene. Tow vehicles may not be used to circumvent legalization of a vehicle or combination of vehicles as required by an enforcement official.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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