OAR 734-076-0175
Approved Routes


When removing a load or vehicles from the initial emergency, towing vehicles or load recovery vehicles operating under Division 76 rules may operate on all state highways. Thereafter, vehicles may operate over Group 1 highways shown on Group Map 1 or approved routes shown on Route Map 7, or approved routes shown on the permit issued to the disabled unit. Overweight vehicles and combinations of vehicles may not operate on highways with weight restrictions shown on Route Map 8 and the most current Attachment 100A. Group Map 1, Route Map 7 and Route Map 8 are available from the Commerce and Compliance Division, Over-Dimension Permit Unit, 3930 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem OR 97302 or at www.oregontruckingonline.com.


The Chief Engineer may add additional highway routes to those approved for operation or delete from the approved routes any highway or section of highway when continued operation of the units is not in the public’s best interest.


This rule does not authorize operation over highways, streets, or roads not under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. For such operations, separate permission must be obtained from the appropriate authority.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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