OAR 735-061-0400

(1) The purpose of these rules, OAR 735-061-0400 (Purpose) through 735-061-0470 (Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct), is to establish criteria for an on-going program by which a third party testing business is authorized to give a Class C non-commercial drive test on behalf of DMV and to describe when such a service may be used by an applicant for an Oregon driver license.
(2) The rules are adopted under the authority of ORS 802.600 (Agreements to transact department business) allowing the department to enter into an agreement with a person who is not an employee of the department to transact a function on behalf of the department and to adopt rules to carry out the provisions of ORS 802.600 (Agreements to transact department business).
(3) Entities that qualify to be a Class C third party testing business will be selected through a competitive procurement process before entering into an agreement with DMV to be authorized to administer drive tests. DMV may enter into agreements with governmental entities to participate in the program as third party testing businesses under ORS chapter 190.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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