Rule Rule 735-061-0440
Administering the Drive Test

(1) The purpose of the drive test is for the third party examiner to:
(a) Evaluate the applicant’s ability to operate a vehicle in a safe and legal manner under actual driving conditions;
(b) Determine if the applicant demonstrates safe and legal driving methods and knowledge of traffic laws; and
(c) Evaluate the applicant’s ability to perform required maneuvers according to the examiner training provided by DMV and DMV’s scoring criteria.
(2) The drive test administered by a third party examiner must contain the same required and scored maneuvers as the test administered by DMV.
(3) The third party examiner must:
(a) Administer the test within the State of Oregon;
(b) Administer no more than 16 tests in one day;
(c) Administer a test on a drive test route that has been approved by DMV;
(d) Administer the drive test in accordance with the standards adopted in OAR 735-062-0070 (Drive Test) and the examiner training provided by DMV;
(e) Use the drive test score sheet (DMV Form 735-7171) provided by DMV; and
(f) Not administer the test if the third party examiner knows or should have known the proper wait time between an applicant’s previous test failure and current scheduled drive test has not been met, as set forth in OAR 735-062-0070 (Drive Test).
(4) Prior to administering a drive test, the third party examiner must view the applicant’s photo identification and obtain a photocopy of the identification. The photo identification must include the applicant’s name. The copy is to be retained in the records maintained by the testing business.
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