OAR 735-160-0130
Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct


Each Operator and each Instructor accepts the responsibilities and requirements of the driver training profession. Each Operator and Instructor must adhere to the highest ethical standards of professional conduct.


To fulfill their obligations to the public and to DMV, the Operator and Instructor must:


Recognize that the instruction and training of student drivers is a position of trust;


Exhibit competence and wisdom in conducting professional responsibilities;


Uphold and obey the law, including but not limited to the provisions of the Oregon Vehicle Code; and


Maintain and uphold the highest educational standards possible for instructing and training student drivers.


Rules of Conduct. An Operator and Instructor will not engage in or knowingly allow any owner, officer, agent, director, manager, or employee of a School to engage in any of the following:


Assist or knowingly allow a student driver to fraudulently obtain driving privileges for which the student driver is ineligible or has not qualified;


Discriminate against a student driver because of race, religion, national origin, disability, age, sex, or sexual orientation;


Have sexual contact with, or request sexual contact from, a student driver. For purposes of this section, “sexual contact” means:


Sexual intercourse; or


Any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of either party;


Make sexual advances either verbally or physically or request sexual contact from any student driver, whether directly, indirectly or by innuendo;


Use physical force or a threat of physical force against a student driver, unless such force or threat is necessary to avoid immediate danger to the safety of the student driver, the Operator or Instructor, employees of the School, passengers in a vehicle being used for behind-the-wheel instruction, or the general public;


Possess or use any unlawful controlled substance or intoxicating beverage, or be under the influence of any intoxicating beverages, drugs or controlled substances while training or instruction is being provided to student drivers;


Falsify any document or make a misrepresentation on the application for a School or Instructor Certificate;


Refer any student driver to a particular DMV-certified third-party tester or examiner for DMV testing purposes; or


If also certified as a DMV third party tester or examiner, test an applicant for driving privileges if the applicant was enrolled as a student driver at the School, unless otherwise authorized.

Source: Rule 735-160-0130 — Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=735-160-0130.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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