OAR 735-160-0040
Vehicle Equipment


Any motor vehicles owned or leased by a School for behind-the-wheel instruction must:


Be equipped with dual controls. Dual controls consist of:


A foot brake control for both the student driver and the instructor, connected either by mechanical or hydraulic means; and


A clutch control connected either by mechanical or hydraulic means if the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission.


Be maintained in safe mechanical and physical condition;


Meet the safety equipment standards of the Oregon Vehicle Code, as provided in ORS Chapter 815 (Vehicle Equipment Generally);


Be equipped with safety belts that meet the standards required under ORS 815.055 (Rules establishing standards for safety belts, harnesses and child safety systems) and OAR 735-102-0000 (Seat Belt Assemblies and Seat Belt Assembly Anchorages), for each person in the vehicle;


Have all equipment functioning properly;


Be properly registered in compliance with the laws of Oregon;


Be covered by at least the minimum insurance requirements established under ORS 822.510 (Proof of insurance); and


Be equipped with the following emergency equipment:


Fire extinguisher;


First aid kit; and


Three flares or three red emergency triangles.


Motorcycles or mopeds are not required to comply with subsections (1)(a), (d) and (h) of this rule.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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