Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Rule Rule 736-015-0026
Group Day Use


At designated park areas, a person may reserve a group picnic area(s) by calling the Oregon State Parks Reservation Center. The park manager will determine the maximum group size for each park facility.


The department will charge group picnic rental rates to offset additional park administration and maintenance costs:


Base rate (0–50 people) — $50;


Charges for persons in excess of the 50 person base rate will be $1 per person


The park manager may make advance arrangements with the group leader for parking, supervision, cleanup, checkout time, and other pertinent details.


Upon arrival, the group leader will check in with park staff who will direct the group to the reserved area.


The group must have adult supervision at all times.


Pursuant to ORS 105.672 (Definitions for ORS 105.672 to 105.696) to 105.696 (Duty of care or liability not created), group day use rental charges under this rule are for use of the assigned area or park facility of the state park land for picnicking and not for any other recreational purpose or area of state park land. The immunities provided under ORS 105.682 (Liabilities of owner of land used by public for recreational purposes, gardening, woodcutting or harvest of special forest products) apply to use of state park land for any other recreational purpose.

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Jun. 8, 2021