OAR 737-015-0090


The approved provider must maintain the following records:


A record for each student who begins, regardless of whether or not the student completes, an approved course including:


The dates of the course, including beginning and end date;


The final grade achieved, if course is completed;


Verification that the student had a valid instruction driver permit on the first day of class;


The student’s mailing address;


The student’s progress, both in-car and in the classroom;


A record of five hours supervised home practice;


Evaluation results, including written skill assessments;


Attendance and time involvement for classroom and in-car lessons. Documentation must include date and amount of time a student participated in each lesson.


Records must clearly show a minimum of 30 hours classroom instruction, 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction, 6 hours practice driving observation and 5 hours supervised practice. Makeup sessions must be clearly documented with the date and amount of time.


A record for all instructors, including current and past instructors, who have conducted the classroom or behind-the-wheel portion of a traffic safety course. Instructor records must include:


A copy of a valid approved instructor certification card issued by ODOT-TSD during the period of time the instructor taught for the employer;


Hire date; and


Date of separation, if applicable.


The curriculum guide currently in use;


A copy of all accident reports for reportable accidents relating to a driver education motor vehicle owned or operated by the approved provider;


Written policies and procedures required by OAR 737-015- 0076 and ORS 336.805 (Reimbursement to course provider);


Record of the tuition and other fees charged and received from a student; and


Income, expenditure and reimbursement records, including backup documentation, that support the request for reimbursement as provided by ORS 336.805 (Reimbursement to course provider) and as required by OAR 737-015-0100 (Subsidy for Approved Courses) and 737-015-0105 (Income-Based Subsidy for Approved Courses).


Records must be retained for three years for instructors and five years for all other program records.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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