OAR 737-015-0105
Income-Based Subsidy for Approved Courses


As used in this rule, “Low income student” means a student whose household meets income eligibility guidelines for a benefit program administered by an Oregon state or federal agency that is selected by ODOT-TSD.


ODOT-TSD may reimburse approved providers for traffic safety education courses that meet the requirements of OAR 737-015-0010 (Purpose) through 737-015-0130 (Appeal Process and Reinstatement) in an amount above and apart from reimbursement authorized in OAR 737-015-0100 (Subsidy for Approved Courses) as defined in this rule.


Approved providers may offer discounted tuition to low income students. If an approved provider has reduced the regular tuition cost based on income eligibility, TSD may reimburse the approved provider up to $75 per student.


An approved provider who has granted discounted tuition to a qualified low income student must complete the appropriate portion of the provided reimbursement form to obtain subsidy under this rule.


The total for reimbursements under OAR 737-015-0100 (Subsidy for Approved Courses) and 737-015-0105 (Income-Based Subsidy for Approved Courses) combined may not exceed the provider’s eligible expenses less tuition received, except as described for private provider profit margin as described in 737-015-0100 (Subsidy for Approved Courses)(3).


The provisions of this rule are suspended if the Student Driver Training Fund reimbursement funds become prorated, as in 737-015-0100 (Subsidy for Approved Courses)(4)


Unless explicitly stated herein, all conditions stated under 737-015-0100 (Subsidy for Approved Courses) apply to this rule.

Source: Rule 737-015-0105 — Income-Based Subsidy for Approved Courses, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=737-015-0105.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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