OAR 738-015-0075
ODA Review of Application for Non-Commercial Aeronautical Activities


The Department shall review the application for lease for non-commercial aeronautical activities at a State-owned airport, as well as the financial responsibility documentation, and determine whether to approve or deny the application. The decision shall be made in writing to the prospective Lessee.


The Department may deny any prospective Lessee’s application if it is determined that:


The proposed construction would create a safety hazard at the airport or the surrounding community;


The prospective Lessee, for any reason, does not meet the qualifications, standards, and requirements of the Department or exhibit adequate financial responsibility or capability to undertake and complete the proposed construction (the burden of proof shall be on the applicant and the standard of proof shall be by clear and convincing evidence);


The granting of the lease application will require the Department to expend funds, or supply labor or materials in connection with the proposed activity and/or construction, or will result in a financial loss (or hardship) for the airport;


No appropriate, adequate, or available site or building(s) exist(s) to accommodate the needs of the prospective Lessee as presented in the lease application, nor is such contemplated within a reasonable time frame;


The proposed development does not comply with the Airport Master Plan and/or Airport Layout Plan in effect at that time, or those plans anticipated to be in effect within the time frame proposed by the prospective Lessee;


The development or use of the area requested by the prospective Lessee is likely to result in congestion of aircraft or airport buildings, or will unduly interfere with operations or activities of any present Lessee on the airport, and/or will prevent adequate access to the assigned lease area of any present Lessee;


The prospective Lessee has failed to make full disclosure, or has misrepresented or omitted material facts in the application or in supporting documents;


The prospective Lessee, or a principal of the prospective Lessee, has a record of violating the rules, regulations, statutes, ordinances, laws or orders of any airport, or any civil air regulations, FAA regulations or any other rules, regulations, statues, ordinances, laws or orders applicable to airports;


The prospective Lessee, or a principal of the prospective Lessee, has defaulted in the performance of any other agreement with the State;


The prospective Lessee cannot or will not provide a performance bond or applicable insurance in the amounts and type required by the Department for the proposed development; or


It is determined that the prospective Lessee’s proposed development, activities and/or operations could be detrimental in any way whatsoever to the airport.


The prospective lessee is responsible for providing any required infrastructure to support their proposed use of the site, at the lessee’s expense. The prospective lessee shall provide to ODA, prior to any construction, occupancy or use of the site written confirmation that all required services have been or will be installed (power, water, fire suppression, sewer, etc). Services must comply with local government and ODA requirements.

Source: Rule 738-015-0075 — ODA Review of Application for Non-Commercial Aeronautical Activities, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=738-015-0075.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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