OAR 738-015-0085
Non-Commercial Aeronautical Lease Renewal Options


In accordance with OAR 738-015-0080 (Non-Commercial Aeronautical Lease Provisions), Non-Commercial Aeronautical Lease Provisions, Lessee shall have the option to renew its lease with the Department beyond the base term, subject to the satisfaction of all of the following conditions:


The existing lease is not in default;


Any improvements to the lease property are structurally sound and capable of safe and legal occupancy for the remaining term of the renewal period; and


Lessee files a notice with ODA, in the form specified by ODA, stating that Lessee has complied with (a) and (b) above and intends to exercise its renewal option. The notice must be filed not later than 120 days prior to the expiration of the base term lease.


The Department shall inspect Lessee’s improvements for condition and appearance in accordance with ODA’s standards for maintaining clean, safe and attractive facilities at the airport.


Items considered will include, but not be limited to:


Siding and exterior finish;




Doors; and


Structural framing.


If the Department determines from its inspection that the improvements may not be structurally sound, the Department may require Lessee to obtain an inspection by a certified inspector, at Lessee’s expense, to verify the condition of the structure.


The Department may require Lessee to correct any deficiencies noted by ODA’s inspection or further structural inspection as a condition of Lessee’s renewal.


If corrections cannot be completed prior to the expiration of the current lease term, Lessee may request in writing that the Department approve additional time to make the corrections; the Department shall not unreasonably withhold approval of the request. The Department and Lessee may enter into the lease renewal or new lease, subject to the written commitment of Lessee to complete the repairs within a specified period. Failure to make the repairs within the period agreed upon may be cause for immediate termination of the renewal term.


The length of the term of a new lease following a base term lease and any renewal shall be at the Department’s discretion.

Source: Rule 738-015-0085 — Non-Commercial Aeronautical Lease Renewal Options, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=738-015-0085.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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