OAR 738-015-0080
Non-Commercial Aeronautical Lease Provisions


The prospective Lessee shall be provided a draft non-commercial lease for review only after the Department has approved the lease application. Before entering into the lease with ODA, the prospective Lessee shall review the applicable:


Operating Minimum Standards;


Airport Rules and Regulations;


Rates and Charges Policy; and


Leasing Policy for Non-Commercial Aeronautical Activities.


The draft non-commercial lease shall include, but not be limited to, the following elements:


Description of the lease property, as provided from ODA records;


Term of lease;


Names and addresses of responsible parties;


All fees and charges associated with occupying and operating on the lease property;


Insurance requirements;


Information on all taxes, liens and utilities;


Payment procedures relating to all fees and charges;


Approved non-commercial activities;


Prohibited non-commercial activities;


Compliance with FAA regulations and pertinent laws;


State aircraft and pilot registration requirements;


ODA entry onto lease property;


Access to lease property;


Fire prevention;


Maintenance requirements;




Construction or alteration procedures;


Restrictions on hazardous substances;


Default and penalty provisions;


Remedies on default;


Termination for airport development;


Transfer of airport ownership;
Sale of improvements;


Lease renewal options;


Procedures for vacating the lease property; and


Termination of lease provisions.


The base term for non-commercial aeronautical leases shall be no longer than twenty-five (25) years.


If the Lessee requests a renewal, the Department may agree to renew the lease, consistent with OAR 738-015-0080 (Non-Commercial Aeronautical Lease Provisions), Non-Commercial Aeronautical Lease Renewal Options, for one (1) five-year period, provided the total lease term does not exceed thirty (30) years.


At the expiration of the base term and any renewals, Lessee may request a new Lease. The Department may negotiate a new lease if the Department determines that:


The existing lease is not in default;


The lease property is not required for other airport uses;


Lessee has met its obligations under the terms of the preceding lease;


Any improvements to the lease property are structurally sound and capable of safe and legal occupancy for the new lease term; and


The Department otherwise finds that a new lease is appropriate.


The duration of the new lease shall be at the Department’s option.


Each renewal or new lease following the base term lease shall incorporate all current terms and conditions for leases and any special terms the Department deems necessary based on the particular circumstances of the Lessee and lease property.


If the Department determines that a renewal or new lease will not be offered to Lessee, the Department may require Lessee to remove any structures on the lease property, at Lessee’s expense, at the expiration of the current lease between Lessee and the Department.

Source: Rule 738-015-0080 — Non-Commercial Aeronautical Lease Provisions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=738-015-0080.

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