OAR 741-060-0070
Requirements for Internal Reviews

(1) Requirements for Internal Reviews
(a) Over a three-year period, each RTA shall conduct on-going internal reviews that cover all the elements of its safety, security and emergency preparedness and response plans to evaluate compliance and measure the effectiveness of the plans.
(b) The internal reviews referenced in the plans must describe the process used by the RTA to ensure that planned and scheduled internal reviews are performed to evaluate compliance with the plans. The description must include:
(A) Identification of departments and functions subject to review;
(B) Responsibility for scheduling reviews;
(C) The process for conducting reviews, including the development of checklists and the issuing of reports and findings resulting from the reviews; and
(D) Tracking the status of findings.
(c) The RTA shall notify the SSOA at least 30 days prior to any planned internal reviews. The RTA shall submit to the SSOA copies of the checklists and procedures it will use for the review, at the time of notification.
(d) Each internal review must be performed in accordance with the written checklist by personnel technically qualified to verify compliance and assess the effectiveness of the plan components being reviewed. The reviewers may be organizationally assigned to the unit responsible for the activity being reviewed, but they must be independent from the first line of supervision responsible for performing the activity being reviewed, i.e., the person responsible for the activity being reviewed is not permitted to conduct the audit, nor is their supervisor. It must be someone without primary responsibility for the task.
(e) Internal reviews must be documented in an annual report that covers the reviews performed and the results of each review in terms of the adequacy and effectiveness of the plans. The annual report for the internal reviews performed during the preceding year must be submitted to the SSOA prior to the 15th of February of each year, pursuant to OAR 741-060-0078 (Reporting Requirements).
(2) Requirements for Annual Reviews
(a) Each RTA shall conduct an annual review of its system safety program plan and system emergency preparedness plan.
(b) Each RTA shall provide to the SSOA the process and timeline for conducting an annual review and update of the plan.

Source: Rule 741-060-0070 — Requirements for Internal Reviews, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=741-060-0070.

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