OAR 741-060-0100
Hours of Service

(1) Each RTA shall establish, implement and enforce an hours-of-service policy for its safety sensitive employees. The policy and any subsequent changes must be reviewed and approved by the SSOA.
(2) The policy must prohibit a safety sensitive employee from:
(a) Performing work in excess of the daily maximum hours allowed;
(b) Remaining on duty in excess of the daily maximum hours on duty;
(c) Performing work in excess of the maximum hours of cumulative on-duty time permitted during a calendar month;
(d) Performing work in excess of the maximum consecutive days without a rest day; or
(e) Going on duty until the employee has had the minimum required number of consecutive hours off.
(f) On-duty time shall begin only after the safety sensitive employee has completed at least the minimum number of continuous hours off duty. The policy must contain a process governing the declaration, administration and notification of the SSOA related to a temporary waiving of the hours of service limitations under certain situations. When a situation requiring the extended service of a safety sensitive employee occurs which is both unforeseeable and beyond the control of the RTA, the employee may be on duty in excess of the allotted hours. These situations are limited to severe winter storms, public emergencies like an earthquake or fire, and accidents or security breaches beyond the control of the RTA. During situations in which hours of service are temporarily waived, extended service of safety sensitive employees must be limited to the extent practical and monitored by the RTA.
(4) The RTA shall maintain hours of service records for safety sensitive employees for a period of three years, and upon request, make such records available to the SSOA for review.
(5) The RTA shall notify the SSOA whenever a safety sensitive employee is not in compliance with the hours of service policy. The RTA shall notify the SSOA of the non-compliance by electronic mail, and shall do so within 30 days following the end of the calendar month in which it occurred. The notification required under this section must contain:
(a) The employee’s identification number;
(b) The employee’s work title;
(c) The type of violation;
(d) The schedule of work and rest for the period of 72 hours prior to the infraction; and
(e) A description of the circumstances of the specific violation.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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