OAR 813-039-0010

As used in these rules, unless the context indicates otherwise:


“Account” means the Farmworker Housing Development Account established in ORS 458.620 (Oregon Housing Fund)(1).


“Application” means the application form(s) and other information required by the Department to initiate a request for moneys from the Account by a Sponsor to finance a specific Project.


“Approve” or “Approval” means the Department, having considered the information provided in a particular Application, together with such other information as the Department considered necessary or appropriate, has reached a preliminary decision that the Application is adequate for review and that the Project described therein is appropriate for funding from the Account and, having obtained Council consent as necessary, has communicated a written offer to the Sponsor to fund the Project as conditioned by the Department, the Council, these rules, ORS 458.600 (Policy and intent) through 458.660 (Farmworker Housing Development Account), and other applicable law.


“Council” means the Housing Stability Council established in ORS 456.567 (Oregon Housing Stability Council).


“Department” means the Housing and Community Services Department established in ORS 456.555 (Housing and Community Services Department established).


“Farmworker” means any person working in connection with cultivating the soil, raising or harvesting any agricultural or aquacultural commodity; or in catching, netting, handling, planting, drying, grading, storing, or preserving in its unmanufactured state any agriculture or aquaculture commodity; or delivering to storage, market, or a carrier for transportation to market or to processing any agriculture or aquaculture commodity; or in the forestation or reforestation of land, including but not limited to, the planting, transportation, tubing, precommercial thinning of trees and seedlings, the clearing, pulling and disposal of brush and slash and other related activities; or as otherwise determined by the Department in the exercise of its authority.


“Project” means a particular development of Farmworker housing, including but not limited to the construction, acquisition or rehabilitation of such housing, or other efforts that facilitate the expansion of the supply of Farmworker housing, in whole or in part, as further detailed in these rules.


“Sponsor” means nonprofit and for-profit corporations or other business entities or individuals authorized to conduct business in the State of Oregon, state and local government entities and housing authorities in Oregon who make Application to finance a Project, in whole or in part, from the Account.
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