OAR 813-039-0030
Form of Assistance


The Department will confirm in its Approval to the Sponsor the type of assistance, if any, to be provided from the Account for the Project. Assistance may be provided as a loan, a grant, a combination of a loan and grant, or in such other form as determined by the Department.


The Department, inter alia, may require the Sponsor to execute such documents as the Department considers appropriate or necessary, in its sole discretion, to evidence the type and amount of assistance provided, and any terms and conditions required by the Department or Council in connection with such assistance.


If any term or condition in the Approval of Account assistance, or in the documents related thereto, is not timely performed by Sponsor — or upon the discovery by the Department of any misrepresentation or omission of a material fact by the Sponsor — the Department may immediately revoke its Approval, require repayment of all or any portion of Account assistance previously advanced, if any, and effect any other remedy available to it at law or otherwise.
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2 years ago
(June 8, 2021)

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