OAR 813-055-0040
Application Procedure and Requirements


The process to obtain GHAP assistance typically will be spelled out in the solicitation documents issued by the department. In addition to, or in lieu of formal solicitation documents, the department may provide other means for accessing GHAP assistance. Additional direction and guidance may be found in the GHAP Manual and the General Policy and Guideline Manual (GPGM).


The department may require payment of a non-refundable application charge from any applicant requesting GHAP funds through a formal solicitation or otherwise.


The department may require payment of other charges with respect to its reasonably anticipated costs in processing applications, coordinating programs or with other project participants, providing funding, negotiating documents, monitoring compliance, evaluating and documenting transfers, or otherwise. The department may require payment of a supplemental application charge from applicants requesting additional resources for projects that have already been funded by the department.


The department may refuse to process applications or terminate processing if it determines an application to be incomplete or that it fails to satisfy threshold standards for further processing.


An applicant shall submit to the department, on the application form and in accordance with the application process prescribed by the department, such information as the department may require, including but not limited to:


The name, address and telephone number of applicant;


The type of assistance requested;


A written description of the project, including the number of units, unit mix, proposed rents, site location, amenities, and any other information requested by the department.


A statement of project purpose indicating the housing type and residents to be housed, and the length of the affordability period;


A pro forma of project income and expenses;


The amount of funding requested and total project development costs, including a description and documentation of all project funding sources and uses;


A narrative of the applicant’s experience in developing affordable housing, including the experience of all members of the project development team;


A narrative of the experience of the applicant’s management team or agent as it relates to operating affordable housing projects;


A description of resident services, if any, to be provided;


A narrative of the applicant’s experience in providing resident services, including the experience of any relevant project team members;


A description of the applicant’s readiness to proceed with project activities;


A schedule for completion of project activities;


The need of a nonprofit or housing authority to build its capacity to develop and operate housing serving low income and very low income populations; and


How the nonprofit or housing authority would employ GHAP assistance to build its capacity to develop and operate housing serving low income and very low income populations.


The department may restrict the amount and/or type of assistance available in any solicitation or other provision of assistance and restrict the type or number of applicants or recipients eligible for assistance in a particular funding process.

Source: Rule 813-055-0040 — Application Procedure and Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=813-055-0040.

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