Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Regulation

Rule Rule 836-051-0034

OAR 836-051-0030 (Purpose and Applicability) to 836-051-0040 (Trade Practice Regulation) apply to all group and individual life insurance policies and certificates except:


Variable life insurance;


Individual and group annuity contracts;


Credit life insurance;


Group or individual policies of life insurance issued to members of an employer group or other permitted group where:


Every plan of coverage was selected by the employer or other group representative;


Some portion of the premium is paid by the group or through payroll deduction; and


Group underwriting or simplified underwriting is used; or


Policies and certificates where an illustration has been provided pursuant to the requirements of OAR 836-051-0500 (Purpose; Authority) to 836-051-0600 (Trade Practice Regulation).

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Jun. 8, 2021