Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Regulation

Rule Rule 836-051-0110
Life Insurance Nonforfeiture Standards for Men and Women


Use of the blended tables procedure described in section (2) of this rule shall be limited to situations in which sex neutral benefits are required to comply with the decision of the United States Supreme Courts in Arizona Governing Committee v. Norris, 463 U.S. 1073, 103 S. Ct. 3492, 77 1. Ed 2d 1236 (1983).


In situations of section (1) of this rule, insurers may use the blended tables described in NAIC Proposed Procedures for Permitting Same Minimum Nonforfeiture Standards for Men and Women Insureds Under 1980 CSO and 1980 CET Mortality Tables, NAIC Proceedings, 1984 Volume I, pp. 426–428, as amended in Section 4 by NAIC Proceedings, 1984 Volume 1, p. 395. These procedures establish the method by which select factors are to be obtained for blended 1980 CSO Mortality Tables as described in NAIC Proceedings, 1984 Volume I, p. 457.
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