Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Rule Rule 839-007-0035
Sick Time for Shifts of Indeterminate Length or On-Call Shifts


If an employee uses sick time for a shift of indeterminate length (for example, a shift that is defined by business needs rather than a specified number of hours), the employer may determine the amount of sick time used by the employee based on the number of hours worked by a replacement employee in the same shift or a similarly situated employee who works the same shift or who has worked a similar shift in the past.


On-call employees are entitled to use sick time for hours they have been scheduled to work. Being “scheduled to work” does not include shifts for which an employee has been asked to be available or on-call, unless the employee is working while on-call as defined in OAR 839-020-0041 (Waiting Time)(3). If, by agreement with the employer, an on-call employee is to be paid for a scheduled shift regardless of whether the employee actually works the shift, the employer must provide sick time.

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Jun. 8, 2021