OAR 839-007-0100
Civil Penalties


The Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries may assess a civil penalty for any of the following willful violations of ORS 653.601 (Definitions for ORS 653.601 to 653.661) to 653.661 (Preemption) and these rules:


Failure to permit any employee to make use of accrued sick time;


Failure to pay any employee the full amount of paid sick time when the employee uses accrued sick time;


Failure to provide written notice of the sick time requirements to any employee;


Failure to provide written notification at least quarterly to each employee of the amount of accrued and unused sick time available for use by the employee; or,


Reducing benefits for which an employee is eligible because the employee has used accrued sick time.


The civil penalty for any one violation may not exceed $1000. The actual amount of the civil penalty will depend on all the facts and circumstances referred to in OAR 839-007-0120 (Criteria for Determining a Civil Penalty).


The civil penalties set out in this rule will be in addition to any other penalty assessed or imposed by law or rule.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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