Oregon Board of Nursing

Rule Rule 851-031-0030
License by Endorsement


Eligibility for License by Endorsement:


Applicant shall meet all standards for eligibility established in 851-031-0006 (General Eligibility, Limits on Eligibility, and Requirements)(1)(2)(3); and


Applicant shall be or have been licensed in another state or jurisdiction.


Requirements and procedures for Licensure by Endorsement:


An applicant for registered nurse or practical nurse licensure by endorsement shall meet all requirements as established in OAR 851-031-0006 (General Eligibility, Limits on Eligibility, and Requirements).


Using instructions provided by the Board, the applicant shall provide for verification of:


Successful completion of an approved examination; and


Licensure status in the current or most recent state of practice.


An application for licensure by endorsement which has not resulted in the issue of a license within one (1) calendar year shall be considered void.

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