OAR 851-031-0085
Inactive Nurse


Inactive Nurse status does not authorize nursing practice, either for compensation or as a volunteer or the use of the title “nurse.” A full license to practice nursing is required to practice nursing in Oregon.


A nurse currently licensed in good standing in Oregon may apply for Inactive Nurse status.


To receive Inactive Nurse status a nurse shall:


Request inactive status; and


Notify the Board of the reason for requesting this status; and


Sign a disclaimer acknowledging that Inactive Nurse status is not an authorization to practice nursing.


To reactivate a license from Inactive Nurse status a nurse must:


Meet all requirements for licensure.


Provide nursing history if applicable. A nurse who does not meet the nursing practice requirement is required to complete the re-entry requirements specified in Board rules.


Pay fee established by the Board.


For two (2) years from the effective date of these rules, a nurse whose license has expired within the last two (2) years may apply for Inactive Nurse status by meeting the requirements of 851-031-0085 (Inactive Nurse)(3).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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