Oregon Board of Nursing

Rule Rule 851-031-0086
Retired Oregon Nurse Status and Nurse Emeritus License


A nurse currently or previously licensed in good standing in Oregon is eligible to apply for Retired Nurse status if the nurse held an unencumbered Oregon nursing license.


All licenses shall be retired simultaneously.


To receive Retired Nurse status a nurse shall:


Hold a current unencumbered license to practice nursing in Oregon; or


Have been licensed in good standing in Oregon; and


Indicate an intent to retire from nursing practice; and


Apply using forms and instructions provided by the Board; and


Sign a disclaimer acknowledging that Retired Nurse status is not an authorization to practice nursing; and


A nurse with Retired Nurse Status must indicate “Retired” when using the title nurse. (e.g. RN, Retired, LPN, Retired, NP, Retired, CNS, Retired, CRNA, Retired). This requirement does not apply to the nurse granted Nurse Emeritus licensure as codified in 851-031-0086 (Retired Oregon Nurse Status and Nurse Emeritus License)(5) through (10).


The nurse granted Retired Nurse Status may apply for Nurse Emeritus licensure.


An applicant for Nurse Emeritus licensure shall submit the following:


Appropriate forms and fee including attestation of 10,000 lifetime practice hours;


A professional practice competency plan that includes:


Identification of one’s volunteer practice role, and


Identification of the setting where volunteer practice will occur, and


Documentation that demonstrates how competency for the volunteer practice role has been attained, and


A plan for continued independent or formal learning to maintain competency specific to one’s volunteer practice role.


A nurse holding Nurse Emeritus licensure must indicate such by using the title:


RN, Emeritus, or


LPN, Emeritus.


A Nurse Emeritus license is valid for up to two years following the licensure calendar cycle set forth in ORS 678.101 (Renewal of license)(1).


The Nurse Emeritus licensee may re-apply for Nurse Emeritus licensure at any time.


A fingerprint-based criminal records check per OAR 125 Division 7 is required when application for Nurse Emeritus license is made if an active license has not been held for greater than 60 days from the date of application.

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