Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-029-0005
Applicability of Rules


These rules apply to all interconnection, purchase, and sale arrangements between a public utility and facilities that are qualifying facilities as defined herein. Provisions of these rules do not supersede contracts existing before the effective date of this rule. At the expiration of such an existing contract between a public utility and a cogenerator or small power producer, any contract extension or new contract must comply with these rules.


Nothing in these rules limits the authority of a public utility or a qualifying facility to agree to a rate, terms, or conditions relating to any purchase, which differ from the rate or terms or conditions that would otherwise be provided by these rules, provided such rate, terms, or conditions do not burden the public utility’s customers.


Within 30 days following the initial contact between a prospective qualifying facility and a public utility, the public utility must submit informational documents, approved by the Commission, to the qualifying facility which state:


The public utility’s internal procedural requirements and information needs;


Any contract offered by the public utility is subject to negotiation;


Avoided costs are subject to change pursuant to OAR 860-029-0080 (Electric Utility System Cost Data)(3); and


Avoided costs actually paid to a qualifying facility depend on the quality and quantity of power to be delivered to the public utility. The avoided costs may be recalculated to reflect stream flows, generating unit availability, loads, seasons, or other conditions.


Upon request or its own motion, the Commission may waive any of the Division 29 rules for good cause shown. A request for waiver must be made in writing, unless otherwise allowed by the Commission.

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