Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-029-0050
Rates for Sales


Rates for sales by public utilities must:


Be just and reasonable and in the public interest; and


Not discriminate against qualifying facilities.


Rates for sales that are based on accurate data and consistent, system-wide costing principles will be considered not to discriminate against any qualifying facility to the extent that such rates apply to the public utility’s other customers with similar load or other cost-related characteristics.


The following additional services must be provided by a public utility to a qualifying facility at its request:


Supplementary power;


Back-up power;


Maintenance power; and


Interruptible power.


When a waiver request is filed under OAR 860-029-0005 (Applicability of Rules)(4), the Commission may waive any requirement of section (3) of this rule if, after notice in the area served by the public utility and after opportunity for public comment, the public utility demonstrates and the Commission finds that compliance with such requirement will:


Impair the public utility’s ability to render adequate service to its other customers; or


Place an undue burden on the public utility.


The rate for sale of back-up power or maintenance power:


May not be based upon an assumption (unless supported by factual data) that forced outages or other reductions in electric output by all qualifying facilities on a public utility’s system will occur simultaneously, during the system peak, or both; and


Must take into account the extent to which scheduled outages of the qualifying facilities can be coordinated usefully with the scheduled outages of the public utility’s facilities.

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