Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-029-0030
Obligations of the Public Utility to Qualifying Facilities


Obligations to purchase from qualifying facilities: Each public utility must purchase, in accordance with OAR 860-029-0040 (Rates for Purchases), any energy and capacity in excess of station service (power necessary to produce generation) and amounts attributable to conversion losses that is made available from a qualifying facility:


Directly from a qualifying facility in its service territory; or


Indirectly from a qualifying facility in accordance with section (4) of this rule.


Obligation to sell to qualifying facilities: Each public utility must sell to any qualifying facility, in accordance with OAR 860-029-0050 (Rates for Sales), any energy and capacity requested by the qualifying facility on the same basis as available to other customers of the public utility in the same class who do not generate electricity.


Obligation to interconnect: Each public utility must interconnect with any qualifying facility as may be necessary to accomplish purchases or sales under this division. The obligation to pay for any interconnection costs shall be determined under OAR 860-029-0060 (Obligation to Pay and Reimbursement of Interconnection Costs).


Option to wheel power to other electric utilities or to the Bonneville Power Administration: At the request of a qualifying facility, a public utility (which would otherwise be obliged to purchase energy or capacity from such qualifying facility) may transmit (wheel) energy or capacity to any other electric utility or to the Bonneville Power Administration, at the expense of the qualifying facility. Use of a public utility’s transmission facilities shall be on a cost-related basis.


Parallel operation: Each public utility must offer to operate in parallel with a qualifying facility, provided that the qualifying facility complies with the standards established in accordance with OAR 860-029-0020 (Obligations of Qualifying Facilities to the Electric Utility).


When the generating portion of the qualifying facility consumes more electric energy than it produces, the public utility shall cease purchases.


Within 30 days of the execution of any purchase agreement with a qualifying facility, the public utility must file with the Commission a true copy or summary of the terms of the executed agreement. If a summary is filed, the summary must identify the quantity and quality of the power and the price being paid. A true copy of the executed contract must be made available upon request for Commission staff review.

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