Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-032-0023
Price List Petitions


When submitting a petition for price listing pursuant to ORS 759.195 (Price listing of services), the telecommunications utility shall submit a list of the services deemed to be essential and a list of the remaining services. The telecommunications utility shall provide the following information:


A description of each price-listed service; and


Any proposed maximum price to be charged for the price-listed service and the basis upon which this price has been established.


The petition shall demonstrate that the following conditions have been met:


Pricing flexibility is reasonably necessary to enable the telecommunications utility to respond to current and future competitive conditions for any or all telecommunications services;


Pricing flexibility will maintain the appropriate balance between the need for price flexibility and the protection of customers and applicants;


Pricing flexibility is likely to benefit the customers of fixed-rate services;


Pricing flexibility is unlikely to cause any undue harm to any customer class; and


The rate for the service is not lower than the long-run incremental cost of providing the service.

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