Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-032-0200
Essential Services


For purposes of ORS 759.195 (Price listing of services), a local exchange service is essential if customers require it to efficiently establish, sustain, or discontinue a telecommunications service by means of the public network. The public network is comprised of a system of interconnected telecommunications channels held out by a local exchange carrier for use by the general public.


A local exchange service is essential if the service is essential for one or more local customer classes.


If essential and potentially price-listed services are packaged together, the entire package is eligible to be considered for price listing if each essential service in the package is readily available to customers on a separate basis and the package price is equal to or greater than the tariffed rate(s) for the essential service(s) plus the long-run incremental cost(s) of the price-listed service(s).


Any new service is presumed to be potentially price listed until the Commission determines otherwise. A service is not new if it merely repackages or renames an existing service.


A service can only be discontinued pursuant to OAR 860-032-0020 (Abandonment of Service), whether the service is essential or potentially price listed.


The following are essential services:


Residential Flat;


Residential Measured;


Residential Multiparty;




Farmer Line;


Business Simple;


Business Complex;


Public Access Line;


Tone Dialing (Touch Tone);




Direct Inward Dialing;




Intercept Announcement and Referral;


Directory Listing (White and Yellow Pages);


Privacy Listing;


Directory Assistance;


Emergency (9-1-1);


Switched Access Service; and


Toll Restriction.

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