OAR 918-311-0060
Electrical Plan Review for Prefabricated Structures

(1) Authority. The rule is authorized by ORS 479.870 (Electrical and Elevator Board to prescribe uniform fee calculation and permit format) and sets electrical plan review requirements for the electrical aspects of prefabricated buildings and components intended for use in Oregon.
(2) Definitions. For purpose of this rule:
(a) A “prefabricated building” is a “prefabricated permanent building” or “prefabricated relocatable building” defined in OAR 918-674-0005 (Definitions).
(b) A “prefabricated component” is a “component” defined in OAR 918-674-0005 (Definitions);
(c) “Intended for use in Oregon” means:
(A) The structure is manufactured in Oregon and is intended to be used in Oregon, or Oregon and other states; or
(B) Manufactured in another state but intended to be first delivered to Oregon for use in Oregon regardless of whether it is intended to also be used in other states.
(d) “State of manufacture” is the state where a prefabricated building or component is manufactured.
(3) Applicability:
(a) Electrical plan review is required for prefabricated buildings and components manufactured in Oregon or manufactured out of state for use in Oregon that are identified as complex structures in accordance with OAR 918-311-0040 (Electrical Plan Review for Complex Structures), unless the division waives the plan review requirement in writing.
(b) When a plan review is required by this rule, the relevant prefabricated structures rules in OAR 918, division 674 are applicable except to the extent a different requirement is provided in this rule.
(4) Requirements. When plan review under this rule is required, the manufacturer shall:
(a) Pay an electrical plan review fee as provided in section (5) of this rule;
(b) Meet the requirements of OAR 918-311-0040 (Electrical Plan Review for Complex Structures) for electrical plan reviews for number of copies, readability and contents; and
(c) Submit a timely request allowing the division at least ten business days to complete the plan review.
(5) Fees. The electrical plan review fees shall be $69 per hour with a minimum charge of $69.

Source: Rule 918-311-0060 — Electrical Plan Review for Prefabricated Structures, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=918-311-0060.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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