OAR 918-311-0065
Electric Vehicle Charging Systems Statewide Permit and Inspection Protocol

To ensure a path for the emerging technology and enable the installation of charging systems for electric vehicles the following permit and inspection protocols will apply throughout the state, notwithstanding contrary provisions contained in the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code. This Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) permit covers the installation of all electrical components dedicated to the operation of an electric vehicle charging system. No other state building code permit is required.


Building officials and inspectors shall permit and allow installation of an electric vehicle charging system that has a Building Codes Division special deputy certification label without further testing or certification.


Persons installing an electric vehicle charging system must obtain a permit from the inspecting jurisdiction for the EVSE.


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The permit shall be a flat fee based on an inspecting jurisdiction’s feeder permit fee for circuit of equivalent size to cover the cost of enforcement and inspection of the items listed in sub-section (4).


Permits issued under this rule include up to two inspections.


Inspection of an EVSE installation is limited to determining compliance with the following Oregon Electrical Specialty Code provisions:


Overcurrent protection, per articles 225 and 240;


Physical protection of conductors, per article 300;


Separation and sizing of the grounding and neutral conductors, per article 250.20; and


Provisions for locking out the disconnecting means for maintenance, per chapter 4.


If an electric vehicle charging system is mounted in or on a pedestal that is not attached to a structure, as defined by the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code, the installation of a grounding electrode system to supplement lightning protection is allowed but cannot be required.


An electrical contractor employing a general supervising electrician in accordance with OAR 918-282-0010 (Electrical Contractor License) is authorized to use a minor installation label to install a new branch circuit limited to 40 amps 240 volts for the purpose of installing a wall mounted EVSE unit in the garage of one and two family dwellings, and connect a listed wall mounted EVSE unit to that branch circuit. The electrical panel where the circuit originates must be in the garage within sight from the EVSE unit. This provision does not apply to installations in wet or damp locations.

Source: Rule 918-311-0065 — Electric Vehicle Charging Systems Statewide Permit and Inspection Protocol, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=918-311-0065.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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