OAR 918-780-0080
Plumbing Permit Fees

The following inspection fees are established by the board for the Building Codes Division plumbing inspections under ORS 447.020 (Plumbing to conform to state building code) and 447.095 (Fee schedule). This rule does not apply to municipalities administering a plumbing program:


Notwithstanding any provision of this rule, which could result in a lower fee, the minimum inspection fee is $46.


One and Two Family Dwellings (Dwellings) Inspection Fees — Dwelling inspection fees for new construction, including drain, waste, vent and water distribution piping, and setting of plumbing fixtures and appliances, building sanitary, storm or combination sewer service piping, and potable water service piping. The plumbing permit fees for one and two family dwelling construction, remodeling or alterations are a flat fee based only on the square footage of the structure for new construction or the number of plumbing fixtures for remodeling or alterations, as follows:


Base fee (new construction 1800 square feet or less) — $210;


Additional square feet exceeding 1800 @ $.20 per square foot over 1800;


Remodel/alteration (each 10 fixtures or less) — $67.


Manufactured Dwellings or Prefabricated Structures Inspection Fees — Manufactured dwelling or prefabricated structures inspection fees for connections to building sewer and water supply — $64.


Recreational Vehicle and Manufactured Dwelling Parks Inspection Fees:


$320 for the first ten or fewer spaces; and


$275 for each 10 additional spaces.


Commercial, Industrial, and dwellings, other than one- and two-family: Inspection Fee:


Base fee (includes up to 3 fixtures and the first 100’ for each exterior, sanitary sewer, storm sewer or water supply building utility piping) — $60;


$20 per each fixture over the first 3; and


Site utilities exceeding the first 100’ of each (water service, storm and sanitary sewer) $20 each additional 100’ of piping or part thereof.


Miscellaneous Inspection Fees:


Charges for inspections requested by a governmental agency under ORS 190.003 (Definition for ORS 190.003 to 190.130) to 190.110 (Authority of units of local government and state agencies to cooperate) are negotiable and subject to revisions project-to-project.


Include, but are not limited to, residential fire sprinkler systems (multi-purpose), indirect wastes, specialty fixtures and reinspection — $46.


Specially requested inspections — $46 per hour or any portion of an hour.


For the purposes of calculating the permit fees under this rule, “fixtures” includes but are not limited to the following:






Clothes washers;


Drinking fountains;


Laundry tubs;








Water closets; and


Water heaters;


Medical Gas System Inspection Fees — Inspection fees for medical gas systems are a combination of:


A $219 base fee; and


$1 per each inlet or outlet.

Source: Rule 918-780-0080 — Plumbing Permit Fees, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=918-780-0080.

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