Rule Rule 943-012-0005

The following definitions apply to OAR 943-012-0005 (Definitions) through 943-012-0025 (Authority Review):


“Authority” means the Oregon Health Authority.


“Division” means every individual organizational unit within the Authority.


“Employee” means individuals acting in the course and scope of their duties who are on the State of Oregon payroll, contract employees, employees of temporary service agencies, and volunteers. It also includes employees of other government or social service agencies who, at the time they are accompanying an Authority employee on Authority business, are the target of conduct described in OAR 943-012-0010 (Prohibited Conduct).


“Premises” means any land, building, facility, and other property owned, leased, or in the possession of, and used or controlled by the Authority. When the Authority occupies space in a building occupied by multiple tenants, the definition includes the common areas of the building used by all tenants such as, but not limited to, restrooms, hallways, and food service areas.


“Restriction of Access” means the Authority has limited an individual’s access to specific Authority premises, employees, or methods of communication.


“Weapon” includes, but is not limited to:


A dangerous or deadly weapon as defined in ORS 161.015 (General definitions);


Any other object or substance used in a manner that compromises the safety of Authority employees or visitors on Authority premises;


An imitation or replica of any of the above.
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