Rule Rule 943-012-0025
Authority Review


The Authority shall establish an internal review process to ensure that a notice of restriction of access is warranted prior to issuing a written notice of restriction of access.


Following the Authority’s issuance of a notice of restriction of access, the recipient of the notice may request review of the Authority’s determination. The request must be submitted to the office of the Director of the Authority. The request must be in writing and submitted, by mail or personal delivery, within 15 business days of the date of issuance of the notice of restriction of access. If the request is submitted by mail, it must be postmarked within 15 business days. No particular format is required for the request for review; however, the individual should include specific grounds for requesting the review.


Upon receipt of a request for review, the Director or an assistant director shall review the request and issue a written decision. The review may include an informal conference. The decision shall be issued within ten days of receipt of the request for review.


The Authority’s decision is final.


If the Authority’s decision rules in favor of the individual, the restricted individual’s access restriction shall be immediately lifted. If the decision is unfavorable to the restricted individual, the restricted individual may seek further review after six months have lapsed since the date of issuance by following the process described in this rule.
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