Rule Rule 943-012-0020


If the Authority determines that it is necessary to restrict access or the methods of communication because of prohibited conduct, the individual will be provided written notification, signed by the assistant director or deputy assistant director of the affected division, and sent by certified mail or other traceable means. The notice shall describe the following:


Conduct giving rise to the restrictions;


The specific premises or parts of premises from which the individual is excluded; or the forms of communication which are restricted;


The alternate method by which services may be obtained;


Contact information for services or appointment scheduling;


The availability of the review process, including notification that individuals with disabilities are entitled to request modification;


The potential criminal consequences for violating the notice of restriction of access; and


The law enforcement agency being notified.


The notice shall be effective upon issuance.


Restrictions on access to Authority premises or methods of communication shall remain in place until the Authority determines the individual no longer poses a threat and issues an official notification of removal.
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Jul. 9, 2020