OAR 943-070-0070
Advisory Committee


The Authority and Department may create and implement shared or parallel definitions, policies, procedures and practices that expand on the minimum criteria of these rules.


The Authority, in collaboration with the Department, shall appoint a permanent standing advisory committee composed of individuals or advocates of individuals likely to be affected by the inequities addressed in the collection of race, ethnicity, preferred spoken, signed and written language, and disability status data.


The committee required by this section shall advise the Authority and Department about the creation of definitions, policies, procedures and practices to implement these rules, including recommendations related to:


Protocols for collecting data in consistent, meaningful, culturally-competent ways.


Protocols for protecting client privacy in compliance with state and federal law.


The addition of demographic data subcategories for collection of more accurate and comprehensive data.




The Authority, in collaboration with the Department and the advisory committee shall review the standards at least once every two years from June 1, 2014, to ensure the standards are up to date, efficient, uniform and consistent with best, promising and emerging practices.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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