Courts and Judicial Officers Generally

ORS 1.160
Means to carry jurisdiction into effect

  • adoption of suitable process or mode of proceeding

When jurisdiction is, by the Constitution or by statute, conferred on a court or judicial officer, all the means to carry it into effect are also given; and in the exercise of the jurisdiction, if the course of proceeding is not specifically pointed out by the procedural statutes, any suitable process or mode of proceeding may be adopted which may appear most conformable to the spirit of the procedural statutes.

Notes of Decisions

In General

The trial court did not err or abuse its discretion in allowing counsel for each party plaintiff to examine the witnesses. Wulff v. Sprouse-Reitz, Inc., 262 Or 293, 498 P2d 766 (1972)

Mode of Procedure

This section does not authorize the prosecution of class actions. American Tbr. & Trading Co. v. First Nat. Bank of Oregon, 263 Or 1, 500 P2d 1204 (1972)

In a writ of review proceeding, a circuit court evidentiary hearing on facts relevant to standing is "most comfortable" to the spirit of the statutes. Duddles v. City Council of West Linn, 21 Or App 310, 535 P2d 583 (1975)

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Law Review Citations

53 OLR 436 (1974)


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